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Why does the license options file have a limit of 5 users when we have 10 concurrent licenses?

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We have 10 concurrent licenses for MATLAB:
INCREMENT MATLAB MLM 22 01-jan-0000 10 FDFB10BA810FF3C07C53
We specify the following in our license file:
DAEMON MLM /usr/CVswlm/matlab/lm_matlab options=/usr/CVswlm/matlab/options
If we add more than 5 user names to the options file, the matlab will not issue licenses.
The log file reports:
10:26:16 (MLM) USER_BASED license error for MATLAB --
10:26:16 (MLM) Number of INCLUDE names (8) exceeds limit of 5
How can we use all 10 concurrent licenses?

Accepted Answer

Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 7 Jul 2017
Harold, the license you are using is a "Network Named User License" (NNU) fur 5 named users. Walter's link helps to understand the error. It is not a concurrent network license that operates with the concept of "key".


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