How to read many image after eachother?

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saba sabu
saba sabu am 17 Mai 2017
Kommentiert: saba sabu am 19 Mai 2017
Hi friends. I have a code that extract the images into frame number.jpg . I wrote a code to analyze images and find a special point in it. so now i want to analyze each image after each other and save results in a matrix. How can i do this 2 steps? Thanks.

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Jan am 17 Mai 2017
Bearbeitet: Jan am 17 Mai 2017
See Answers: FAQ - process sequence of files . Please try this and if you still have problems, post the relevant part of your code and ask a specific question.
Note: Searching in the forum is a good first step, most of all if it seems like thousands of others must have had the same problem before. ;-)

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