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How often does matlab check connection with the license server?

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Yunhui Zhou
Yunhui Zhou on 1 Apr 2017
Answered: Andreas Goser on 3 Apr 2017
Hi, I`m running Matlab R2013b in my lab, and the software is licensed through the license server in my institution. However, the room that the computer is put does not have a wired connection cable, and wifi connection in this room is also not very stable. The connection may loss about once or twice in an hour. I have talked with my institution`s IT administrator, and they told me that once Matlab has started, it does not need to check the license server any more. However today when my program has run for about one hour the computer's connection is lost, and almost immediately Matlab throw an error that it cannot connect to the license server for one toolbox.
This is annoying, is it possible for Matlab to check the license status for all the toolbox when it start up? And how often does Matlab check the connection with the license server?

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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 3 Apr 2017
A couple of different answers:
In my view, your IT should be determined to fix the root cause to provide good internet access, instead of pushing the burden to you.
In case the cannot, there might be a way to provide you a standalone installation. Your IT might need to work with MathWorks for that. Note the so called "license borrowing" is not available for universities. If your institution is not a university, license borrowing may be an option.
Last not least to your specific question. I believe MATLAB tries to contact the server every 2 minutes. If this fails, you see that warning. This increments or decrements and after 20 minutes you cannot work anymore.

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