How can i save the features of multiple images into a single mattrix (.mat file)?

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i want to save : Each rows containing each image features. Following is my syntax for the training section.
srcFiles = dir('E:\M\*.jpg');
for i = 1 : 8
filename = strcat('E:\Ms\',srcFiles(i).name);
TrainNormal = [Contrast,Correlation,Energy,Homogeneity, Mean, Entropy, RMS, Variance, Smoothness, Skewness, IDM];
save TrainNormal.mat

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 18 Mär. 2017
You might want to make TrainNormal a 2-D vector. Before the loop
TrainNormal = zeros(8, 11);
then in the loop, assign the 11 values to a single row.
TrainNormal(i, :) = [Contrast,Correlation,Energy,Homogeneity, Mean, Entropy, RMS, Variance, Smoothness, Skewness, IDM];
then after the loop, save the variable to a .mat file:
save('TrainNormal.mat', 'TrainNormal);
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elz tomz
elz tomz am 18 Jul. 2018
Thanks, image works fine. You save ma time.

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Sagar V
Sagar V am 7 Feb. 2019
how to save the features of 100 images into .mat file to classifying using SVM

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