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How can I vectorize this piece of code for loading cross-validation from file ?

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So I am supposed to load the cross-validation folds from a file (10 iterations, each is 10-folds, so a total of 100, arranged sequentially in a 1-dimensional array). I have attached the file below. The problem is my code uses for loops intensively and I would like to vectorise it, here is my code:
input_filename = 'cv_yeast.mat';
cv = load(input_filename);
nfolds= 10;
niters = 10;
for loop =1:niters
for i = 1 : nfolds
teIdx ={((loop-1)*nfolds + i)};
trIdx = [];
for j = 1 : nfolds
if j ~= i
trIdx = [trIdx;{(loop - 1)*nfolds + j}];
% Processing goes here
For some reasons I don't want to vectorise the 2 outer for loops, just the inner one. Can anyone help me, thank you very much :)


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