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How to graph multiple basevalues per figure using the area() function

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David P
David P on 1 Nov 2016
Commented: Michael Behm on 17 Feb 2017
I am trying to graph the area between a curve and multiple basevalues along the curve (MATLAB 2014b). Here is the code I am using:
area(X1, Y1,'BaseValue', 0.435);
When I add another line of code with a different basevalue, such as
area(X2, Y2,'BaseValue', 0.658);
Matlab automatically changes the basevalue of the first area to this new basavalue (0.658). Is there a way to graph multiple area functions with different basevalues in one figure? Here is a depiction of what I am trying to achieve:
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Michael Behm
Michael Behm on 17 Feb 2017
I have exactly the same problem with 2016b. Is this a bug since 2014b? Changing the base value in on object automatically changes the base value in the other objects.
Has there been a solution since then?

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