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How to check if right axis is visible?

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Micke Malmström
Micke Malmström on 27 Sep 2016
Answered: Adam on 27 Sep 2016
I have a finction that process all the lines in the current graph. Since the introduction of
yyaxis right
I need my function to be able to figure out if the right axis is visible or not.
If I just run
yyaxis right
then I cant check if it is visible because the command will invoke the right axis to appear. Anny suggestions?
José-Luis on 27 Sep 2016
According to the documention yyaxis wil create a secondary y-axis if none exists. The good people at TMW don't want you tinkering with yyaxis so they made it a p-file and you can't change the default behavior.
So my suggestion would be not to use yyaxis at all and instead create the axes yourself and keep track of the handles.

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Answers (1)

Adam on 27 Sep 2016
function isVisible = isYAxisVisibleAtLocation( hAxes, location )
assert( isgraphics( gca, 'axes' ) );
location = validatestring( location, { 'left', 'right' } );
isVisible = strcmp( hAxes.YAxisLocation, location );
isVisible = isVisible | numel( hAxes.YAxis ) == 2;
This should do the job, if you give it your axes handle (which it is good practice to always keep hold of, but you can get hold of it if you don't have it anyway) and either 'left' or 'right'.
You could beef up the validation a bit as I usually would, but I just did a minimal amount here.



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