How can I send a wrndlg message if the user hasn´t filled an individual cell in a uitable in GUIDE?

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I want to tell the user to go back and fill every cell in the Uitable only if there is an empty cell in a Uitable in Matlab GUIDE. Is the isempty function helpful?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 19 Sep 2016
data = get(handles.TheUiTableTagName, 'data');
if iscell(data)
if any(cellfun(@isempty, data(:)))
give the warning
%nothing is empty
%uitable data was coded as a numeric array rather than a cell array
%and in numeric arrays, cells are never empty. If some of your columns are not
%intended to be strings, they might have entries that _look_ empty but are not
%actually empty. So.... what do you want to do? Besides making sure that you
%do not accidentally write a numeric array as the uitable data, that is?

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