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Best way to manage many fit objects

Asked by thatguy14 on 28 Jul 2016
Hello everyone,
I am creating parameter maps from MRI images and I am doing it pixel by pixel. I also want to save the fit objects that are created for each voxel for later inspection. The way I am doing it now is putting each fit object in a cell array that matches the size of the parameter maps (so if I have an image of 10x10x10, I create a parameter map matrix of 10x10x10 and a cell array of 10x10x10 that contains all the fit objects). However, for some of the larger images, the cell array ends up taking a significant amount of memory and slowing matlab down considerably (am running 2016a 64bit on windows 10). I am wondering if there is a better way to handle storage of these fit objects (or just large matricies in general).
Thanks! Let me know if any further information is needed


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