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How do I connect a Joint spring-damper to a prismatic joint which is further connected to a mass in SimMechanics, without letting two masses disconnect.?

Asked by Taranjit Singh on 28 Jul 2016
Latest activity Answered by Steve Miller on 3 Apr 2019
Hello, I am trying to model a system that consisting of mass(which is in motion in x direction)- (spring &damper in x direction) - mass - (spring and damper in z direction) using simmechanics. While putting a joint spring and damper on a prismatic, it disconnects and the masses moves at separate velocity. Is this a normal situation ? I have been trying to fix things a lot. Now, suppose I use a revolute joint the masses stay connected, but not with the prismatic joint.


Can you provide a rough sketch of how the massses and SMDs are connected along with which is the x and z directions?

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1 Answer

Answer by Steve Miller on 3 Apr 2019

Hi - without the model, it is very hard to give you a good suggestion.
Some things it could be:
  1. Springs were too weak, and gravity pulls them far apart.
  2. Your did not properly attach the mechanism to ground
If you share the model we may be able to give better advice.


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