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Translational DOF with Belt-Pulley (Block and tackle)

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Raphael Zimmermann
Raphael Zimmermann on 30 May 2016
Answered: Steve Miller on 5 Aug 2020
We are currently evaluating Simscape and came across an interesting and for our application very relevant question: how can we couple translational motion with the Belt Pulley block? In simple words, we would like to model a block and tackle system similar to the one here:
Any input would be appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 5 Aug 2020
Through release R2020a of Simscape Driveline, the pulleys can only be attached to points in space that cannot move. Review this documentation page to see the status of the block for the current release when this restriction may be lifted.
You can model this type of system in Simscape Multibody, which will allow your pulleys to translate, sway, and even rotate.

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