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How to modelling the powertrain of HEV with SimScape

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Hi,everybody I have a problem. I tried to model a HEV with SimScape.I have a vector [time velocity]. I used this vector direct connect with the Block "Generic Engine". But it was fault. So how can I model a HEV with the vector [time velocity]


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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 10 May 2016


Jianghui Xu
Jianghui Xu on 11 May 2016
你是中国人吗?我英语不太好没办法准确表达我想要问的问题,我想利用simscape模拟混合动力汽车,有个generic engine 模块不太懂,这个模块只有T一个输入,怎样利用"速度和时间"的关系这个条件(比如第1秒 速度0m/s,第2秒 速度3m/s。。。)在simscape中进行模拟?非常感谢

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