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How can I install an App simultaneously with a toolbox?

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Meade am 14 Apr. 2016
Beantwortet: Adrian Cherry am 15 Dez. 2022
I have a toolbox that I have created for deployment within our team. All the inherent functionality seems to work fine.
However, I have a primary GUI that I would like the user to be able to launch from the APPS tab. I know how to package an APP and I know how to package a toolbox... How do I package an APP in a toolbox? If I do them separately, then it becomes a mess of ensuring that relative path calls all work.
Many thanks.

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Meade am 6 Sep. 2016
Since no one answered, I'll leave this for posterity.
To have an APP install automatically with a distributed TOOLBOX, simply save the *.mlappinstall file in the toolbox directory. Then when compiling the toolbox, be sure to Refresh the area with Help, Documentation, and Apps.
Take care that you compile the APP using the same source files as the toolbox, otherwise, the APP may have dependency problems.

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Adrian Cherry
Adrian Cherry am 15 Dez. 2022
Late to the party here. Your solution seems to be the best available given the packaging dialogs supplied I'm but not entirely convinced, it should do better.
As far as I can see the mlappinstall file stores it's own copy of the functions required to run, i.e. duplicating the toolbox functions. This means that the toolbox ends up being bloatware with multiple copies of files. Also potentially leading to much confusion where if you forget update the app packaging potentially have the toolbox function at one version but the mlappinstall file has a copy of the older version of the function.


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