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comparing excel and matlab results with multiple conditions

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hi i have a coding that requires me to compare results from matlab calculations with excel. i have a table in excel that is used to categorize the results into specific groups. fro example :
a = height = 54.5
b = trunk index = 1.3
c = group = 2
a,b and c are the results i got from my calculations in matlab. the next step is that the program should find the height with value of 54.5 and then find where the matching trunk index which is 1.3. from there, it will then find the value 2 is in which category either endo,meso,ecto or balanced (in this case it is meso). as you can see in row 14, all the matching results are there. my inputs are height, trunk index and group number. the output should be the name of the group (endo,meso,ecto or balanced). i have attached together with my excel file in this post.please show me how to do this.
thank you
(matlab 2015 a)

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