comparing results from matlab calculation with a table from excel

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hi, i have a set of data saved in excel and i need to compare it with the calculation result from my situation, i have calculated the height and get 54 inches, next i got 1.65 of trunk index,71lbs, and a value of 4. I need to find which row 54 inch is at(as you can see there are 9 rows which contains the number 54),out of all the 54 inch,find where the 1.65 of trunk index is at,next find whether value 4 is in column endo,meso,ecto or balanced.the final result would show the name of the category. for example, in row 9 of the excel, it is 54 inches,1.65 trunk index,and 4 is meso. so the output would say that the category is meso. can someone please show me how to do this? inches,trunk index and value 4 are my input from several calculations. i have attached together the excel file and an image. please help me, thanks in advance
John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 10 Apr 2016
And of course, the fear is that your computation would yield 1.6499999999999... which IS less than 1.64.
It is always important to watch for floating point errors.

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