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How to fix library installation error for Waijung Blockset

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Ludger Frings
Ludger Frings on 4 Mar 2016
Commented: Ludger Frings on 11 Jul 2017
Hi there,
I just reinstalled the Waijung Blockset for different reasons on Matlab 2011a. On Matlab 2015a everything works fine...
By trying to install the Blockset there pop up a warning message:
"Could not find library "Waijung_blockset" specified in C:\Users\...\Installer\waijung15_04a\src\blocks\slblocks.m"
After installation all my programs using this blockset are still working, but it doesn't show up in my library browser + same warning like on installation.
Does anyone know how to solve this? In the file (slblocks.m) is also a link to:
Best regards, Ludger


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zhitian zheng
zhitian zheng on 10 Jul 2017
Is the problem solved?

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Ludger Frings
Ludger Frings on 11 Jul 2017
Unfortunately not for me. I just used different computers though.

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