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colorbar/colormap issue

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Jung am 27 Jan. 2016
Kommentiert: Jung am 28 Jan. 2016
So I am trying to set my colorbar scale equal throughout the figures to show temporal variation in each grid. Now when I use caxis([min max]), colorbar scale changes but the map itself does not change at all and retain the same color. I'll attach the initial script. Let me know if you guys know how I can resolve this issue
initial code
h=imsc(grNPP2010,'jet',[0.75 0.75 0.75],grNPP2010==0,'w',isnan(grNPP2010));
c= colorbar;
axpos = get(gca,'Position');
cpos = get(c,'Position');
cpos(3) = 0.5*cpos(3);
% text(0.05,0.1,['(b) dif. GPP (gC m^{-2} mon^{-1})'],'units','n','fontsize',10,'fontweight','b');
caxis([0.06 600]);
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 28 Jan. 2016
What version are you using? Before R2014b there could only be one color map that applied to all axes in the entire figure. Starting with R2014b, each axes can have its own private colormap.
Jung am 28 Jan. 2016
I am using R2014a. I'll update the version and see if the same issue occurs.

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Chad Greene
Chad Greene am 28 Jan. 2016
I'm guessing the problem is imsc. Is that a specialized function you created? What happens if you change that line to


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