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BeagleBone Black Target Support Package configuration process fails on Linux image update

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Greg Wolff
Greg Wolff on 19 Nov 2015
Answered: Alfred Cheung on 11 Jan 2020
When attempting to install the BeagleBone Black Target Support Package for Embedded Coder on R2015b and using a BeagleBone Black revision C, the update fails because it cannot locate specified resources during the configuration of the Linux image on the BeagleBone Black.
When attempting to update installations of particular application libraries on the Linux image, a MATLAB Error Dialog appears. The message may vary.
Some Examples of error messages include:
  • 'Server unable to locate specified resource'
  • 'System returned error message: '

Accepted Answer

Greg Wolff
Greg Wolff on 19 Nov 2015
Some BeagleBone Black rev C boards come with a Debian image dated 2015-03-01. In this Linux image, Linux package indexes have been deleted. Therefore, targetupdater cannot install required Linux packages. To re-create the Linux package index:
1. Connect your BeagleBone Black to Internet. This can be done by either connecting the board to a LAN network / router using the Ethernet port on the board or enabling "Internet connection sharing" on a Windows computer.
2. Login to BeagleBone Black using PuTTY and execute "sudo apt-get update" command. This command re-creates the package index that was missing on the original Debian image.
You can then start "targetupdater" in MATLAB and proceed with updating the Linux image.

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