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How can I form a perimeter of variable thickness

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Scrat on 5 Sep 2015
Commented: Scrat on 10 Sep 2015
I have a bw image with the largest area of a mouse cell. how can i get a perimeter with a variable thickness so that i can get a ring like border and i can manipulate the thickness as per wish. i have used bwperim but it only gives a very thin outline. What i want is that but thick and also i want to control the thickness. Thanks


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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 5 Sep 2015
Call imdilate() on the image you get from bwperim().


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Scrat on 10 Sep 2015
I have applied imdilate() with a disk filter of radius 5 so that a ring of 5pixel thick forms. But the problem is it increases on both side of the perimeter. What I wanted is to increase the perimeter only towards the centroid so that i can measure the cell density in different edge thickness of the cell area. How can I achieve that?
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 10 Sep 2015
Did you read my prior comment? I told you how to do that. Another way is to simply call imerode() on the original binary image - the one you used when you called bwperim(). Just eat away the outer layers 2 or 5 pixels.
Scrat on 10 Sep 2015
Thanks a lot...that is exactly what i was looking for!!

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