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is there a matlab code for engine block of sim-driveline under simulink-matlab?

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akash mitra
akash mitra on 2 Aug 2015
Answered: Steve Miller on 5 Aug 2020
i want to edit and customize the engine and variable ratio block of simdriveline under simulink according to my needs. is there a matlab code available for it in which i can make changes fore the same?

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 5 Aug 2020
The source code for the Generic Engine block is not provided in R2020a. The equations and parameters are fully documented so that you can see which effects are included. We may provide some or all of the source code in a future release. If you have a specific request for that block, please let us know so that we can add it or show you how to add it yourself.
The same is true for the Variable Ratio Transmission block.
There are other blocks where the source code is provided - see the Planetary Gear block. For this block, we show you in the documentation how to assemble it from other blocks so that you can create custom components without having to do any programming.

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