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How Can I Export Multi-level Wavelet Decompositions?

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Robert am 20 Mai 2015
I am using the wavelet gui/app (wavemenu) to decompose some data. I need to be able to export the signals. This is not a problem using only "Wavelet 1D" where only one time series is being analysed at a time (file-->export to workspace--> all details) etc. However, when using the "Multisignal Analysis 1D" function this is not an option.
There is an option to export the signals, but this only exports the original data, not the decomposed data I require. There is also an option to export the coefficients, however I can not seem to apply them to the original data to replicate the decomposed data as shown on the plots in the gui.
So basically, how can I use the wavemenu function to to a multi signal analysis and export the results of each signal (details and approximations)?
I hope that makes sense.

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