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How to utilise the maximum resolution of the Raspberry Pi Cameraboard 2592x1944?

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Shogan Aversa-Druesne
Shogan Aversa-Druesne on 17 May 2015
Answered: Richard on 5 Jan 2016
The current MATALB support package for the Raspberry Pi (v15.0.1) locks the cameraboard in video recording mode with a max resolution of 1920x1080 (2MP). The camera is actually capable of a 5 mega pixel image with resolution of 2592x1944 for still images. Is there a way to use the still only mode in MATLAB and capture 5MP images?

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Richard on 5 Jan 2016
Not sure this is the most efficient way but it is possible to do this from Matlab:
system(mypi,'raspistill -n -o test.jpg');
The default creates a maximum resolution image (2542x1944). Many command line parameters are available for raspistill. The image file can be retrieved with:
Hopefully, the 2016a release will extend CameraBoard to cover all modes?

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