How do I find the two smallest values in varargin?

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Harold Meggs
Harold Meggs am 24 Apr. 2015
Beantwortet: David Sanchez am 24 Apr. 2015
For example, the varargin input is 5,3,6
I want to multiply the the two lowest values, 5*3.
I have tried this:
y=sort (varargin,1, 'ascend');
z=y(:, 1:2);
area= z{1}*z{2};
This is the error I receive:
Error using sort
DIM and MODE arguments not supported for cell arrays.

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David Sanchez
David Sanchez am 24 Apr. 2015
function out = two_lowest_values(varargin)
a = sort(cell2mat(varargin));
out = a(1)*a(2);

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Harold Meggs
Harold Meggs am 24 Apr. 2015
I have also tried this:
Xs = sort(varargin);
min2nd = Xs{1,2};
Error message:
Error using sort
Input argument must be a cell array of strings.


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