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Antenna Array Designer Out of Memory Issue

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ak am 1 Jan. 2024
Beantwortet: ag am 8 Jan. 2024
I am trying to desing a 4x4 array antenna with microstrip patch elements. Its resonant frequency must be 3.6GHz. But when i try to plot the pattern both in the script and in the antenna array designer app, it throws "Out of memory" error. How do I resolve this issue?
Here's the full error message:
Out of memory.
Error in em.EmStructures/momsolver
Error in em.EmStructures/analyze
Error in em.FieldAnalysisWithFeed/pattern (line 182)
Error in project_1 (line 32)

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ag am 8 Jan. 2024
Hi Aysen,
I understand that you are trying to "rectangularArray" to design a 4x4 array antenna with microstrip patch elements, and are facing "Out of memory" error.
The "pattern" function requires a "Phased Array" as input.
I've modified your code a little, and replaced the "rectangularArray" with a "Phased URA(Uniform Rectangular Array)"
close all
freq = 3.6e9; %resonant frequency
c = physconst("lightspeed");
lambda = c/freq;
N = [4 4]; %array size
dx = 0.49*lambda; %row element spacing
dy = 0.49*lambda; %column element spacing
d = dielectric(Name="RO4350B", Thickness=0.00025,EpsilonR=3.66, ...
LossTangent=0.0031); %dielectric specification
m = metal("Copper");
pm = patchMicrostrip(Length=21.73e-3, Width=27.28e-3, ...
GroundPlaneLength=43.46e-3, GroundPlaneWidth=43.46e-3, ...
Substrate=d, FeedOffset=[-0.005 0], PatchCenterOffset=[0 0], ...
Conductor=m); %array element
patch_array = phased.URA; %patch_array = rectangularArray;
patch_array.Element = pm;
patch_array.Size = N;
patch_array.ElementSpacing= [dx, dy]; %patch_array.RowSpacing = dx;patch_array.ColumnSpacing = dy;
patch_array.Lattice = "Rectangular";
%hArray = figure;
%axis tight
pattern3Dfig = figure; %array pattern
Please refer to the following documentations for more details:
Hope this helps!
Best Regards,
Aryan Gupta


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