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Non-linear system identification with neural network B-spline

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Can someone help me with some questions about a project for nonlinear system identification with neural network b spline ?

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Shivansh am 8 Nov. 2023
Hi David,
I understand that you want to use Non-linear system identification with neural network B-spline. I am assuming that you might use B-spline as an activation function.
You can refer to following official MATLAB documentation links:
  1. B-spline in MATLAB: Learn about constructing and working with B-form splines in MATLAB.
  2. Defining custom neural network layers in MATLAB: Explore how to define custom layers for deep learning in MATLAB.
  3. Neural network subobject properties: Find detailed information about the properties of neural networks.
  4. Identification of non-linear models in MATLAB: Learn about the process of identifying non-linear models using MATLAB.
These documentations can provide a good direction for you to start your project. Hope it helps!

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