How to qualify the testing procedures and tools, e.g. in Simulink Design Verifier or Simulink Test, using the DO Qualification Kit R2023a?

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We are working on DO Tool Qualification, e.g. Simulink Design Verifier, with the use of MathWorks' DO Qualification Kit.
We need to analyze Test Procedures to be sure that they implement Test Cases correctly and would to get your advice regarding how to do so.
Test Environment initialization, Test Procedures execution, and Reports comparing are implemented in qualkitdo_sldv_rs.rpt by calling of hRptEvalSLDVKit function with specific parameters. This function is nowhere described, but it has key importance in the qualification process.
Can you provide documentation on Test Procedures, and how they are created based content of the 'tests' folder?
A similar problem is seen with other Tools like Simulink Test, etc..
How should we proceed with the tool qualification?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team am 25 Sep. 2023
Simulink Design Verifier and the other tools covered by the DO Qualification Kit are qualified as TQL-5 or TQL-4 tools.
The verification of test procedures is required for TLQ-3 and up but not for TQL-5 and TQL-4; see objective 1 in Table T-7 of DO-330.
Therefore, the verification of hRptEvalSLDVKit or other DO Qual Kit internal functions is unnecessary in the scope of tool qualification.
You may want to take a look at the trace matrices which provide some details about test cases and traceability to the tool operational requirements, e.g. qualkitdo_sldv_trace.xlsx for Simulink Design Verifier.

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