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Finding fit parameters for x,y data of a lognormal cdf

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David on 26 Mar 2015
Commented: Alsc on 10 Oct 2019
I have x, y vector data where x = some independent variable of interest and y = cumulative probability. I know the resulting curve represents a lognormal cdf but I'm having trouble finding a way to find the location and scale parameters that correspond to it.
My initial thought was to simply take the cdf, convert it to a pdf by taking p(ii) = y(ii+1) - y(ii), and then use the frequency option of lognfit to find the parameters. I do not get the correct result from this though and was wondering if anyone else had any ideas. Example code is below. Thanks!
if true
% code
X = 1:200;
Y = logncdf(X,4.5,0.1); %4.5 and 0.1 are just for illustration, in reality I don't know these parameters.
for ii = 1:length(X)-1
P(ii) = Y(ii+1)-Y(ii);
P(200) = 1 - Y(end);
fit = lognfit(X,[],[],P)
The location parameter I get from this example is correct, but the scale parameter is 0.

Accepted Answer

David on 26 Mar 2015
I think I answered my own question by going a different route. See code below.
X = 1:200;
Y = logncdf(X,4.5,0.1);
func = @(fit,xdata)logncdf(xdata,fit(1),fit(2));
fit = lsqcurvefit(func,[4 0.3],X,Y)
This gives me fit parameters of
fit =
4.5000 0.1000
Alsc on 10 Oct 2019
Well, I guess I haven't understood this well enough when I have to ask this question, but,
where do I get the goodness of fit and fit parameters from this?

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