How to solve f'(x)=0?

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laros on 29 Nov 2022
Commented: Torsten on 30 Nov 2022
I want to find f'(x)=0
My function is f(x)=2x^2+4x. Then in MATLAB I wrote f2=diff(f);
Next step is to calculate f'(x)=0, but I do not know how. I tried a few examples I found with fzero() but it did not work.
Ela Markovic
Ela Markovic on 29 Nov 2022
How about:
fun = @f; % function
x0start = 2; % initial point
x0 = fzero(fun,x0start);
function y = f(x)
y = 4*x+4;

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Answers (1)

Torsten on 29 Nov 2022
You want to find x symbolically or numerically ?
Numerically use "fzero".
Symbolically use "solve".
Torsten on 30 Nov 2022
You must supply a value where "fzero" starts searching for a solution of f'(x) = 0. I chose x0 = 2. You may choose another value if you like.

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