To run narxnet in HPC machine for larder data

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sam l
sam l on 12 Nov 2022
Edited: sam l on 13 Nov 2022
I have another question about running narx with bigg data. I tried increase the hidden size, to get better model.
seems like 300 is some upper limit for the hidden units allowed- memory error. So for 1000 it clearly says no.
with the narxnet of :
net = narxnet(1:25,1:25,1000);
I get this error .e file
{Error using zeros
Requested 1000x54373200 (405.1GB) array exceeds maximum array size preference
(377.4GB). This might cause MATLAB to become unresponsive.
Error in nnet.internal.configure.inputWeight (line 25)
net.IW{i,j} = zeros(newSize);
Error in nnet.internal.configure.input (line 42)
net = nnet.internal.configure.inputWeight(net,j,i,x);
Error in network/configure (line 244)
net = nnet.internal.configure.input(net,i,X{i});
Error in preparets (line 302)
net = configure(net,'input',xx(i,:),i);
with the size 600 i get - out of memeory error, How to fix it to able to use the NARX for big data:
net = narxnet(1:25,1:25,600);
we get the following
{Out of memory.
Error in normr (line 27)
xi(~isfinite(xi)) = 0;
Error in randnr>new_value_from_rows_cols (line 152)
x = normr(rands(rows,cols));
Error in randnr (line 98)
out1 = new_value_from_rows_cols(in1,in2);
Error in initnw>calcnw (line 287)
wDir = randnr(s,r);
Error in initnw>initialize_layer (line 212)
[w,b] = calcnw(range,net.layers{i}.size,active);
Error in initnw (line 101)
out1 = initialize_layer(in1,in2);
Error in initlay>initialize_network (line 155)
net = feval(initFcn,net,i);
Error in initlay (line 97)
out1 = initialize_network(in1);
Error in network/init (line 31)
net = feval(initFcn,net);
Error in network/configure (line 253)
net = init(net);
Error in preparets (line 302)
net = configure(net,'input',xx(i,:),i);

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