How to modify an existing Simulink TI C2000 ePWM block?

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I would like to change the ePWM up-down counting direction (PHSDIR) online on a synchronization signal and set the TBPHS parameter to the last TBCTR+1 value before synchronization. This apprach was suggested by TI support when I asked how to implement a different PWM algorithm.
Currently, in the ePWM block, a PHSDIR is hard-coded, i.e. I am not able to change direction (count-up or count-down) online and there is no TBCTR output.
Is it possible, and how, to modify an existing Simulink TI C2000 ePWM block to get those two signals?
Thank you in advance.
#2 (another approach)
After reading through a few more threads, one of the solutions could be using the Memory Copy block. The idea is to trigger the sequence to read ( from source):
EPwm1Regs.TBCTR // read the value
and then update (to destination):
EPwm1Regs.TBCTL.bit.PHSDIR // change direction
EPwm1Regs.TBPHS.half.TBPHS // update with TBCTR + 1
for ePWM1, etc.
In the block help, it says the address input expects either the decimal address or the address as a hexadecimal character vector.
How to know the address of EPwm1Regs.TBPHS.half.TBPHS? Is there a list of registers and memory addresses available?

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