Issue with Matlab fundamentals course 15.1 Creating and Calling Functions (4/6) Task 2

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I am working on the Matlab fundamentals course and am experiencing issues with a problem. The answer differs from the solution provided. Here is a screen shot. Any help would be appreciated.

Accepted Answer

Dhanesh Alagarsamy Chinnaraja
I understand that the your solution differs from the one provided by the MATLAB Fundamentals course.
In Task 1, you have not created the third variable z, and had bypassed it as the second argument in the format of (y-z), which is an another method of solving the Task and an accepted solution.
All the task are evaluated on the same script, so the Tasks are not independent.
Either Task 1's solution must be changed to align with Task 2's solution or vice versa.
Here are the available options,
1. The function call to findcrossing in Task 2 must must modified as: findcrossing(t, x - y) to align with Task 1's solution
2. The function call to findcrossing in Task 1 must must modified as: findcrossing(t, x , y0); z must be included as third variable to findcrossing; y=y-z must be added as the first line to the function definition.
Both the above methods are accepted solutions; Method 2. will match will the solution provided in the course.

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