Copy a sheet from template excel & fill the data to the copied sheet

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i have created a small matlab app in which i have an issue with copying data
The issue is i have an excel template & i want to copy the excel template , then fill the data in that template, it works within matlab but once i convert it into desktop app, it only copies the template & it doesn't fill in the data, Kindly help me resolve this
Thanks in advance :)
[filename,folder] = uiputfile("SSE_Report.xlsx");
tblRH = table(app.RHFTorque90AngleEditField.Value,app.LHRTorque90AngleEditField.Value,'VariableNames',{'R','L'});
writetable(tblRH,fullfile(folder,filename),'Sheet','Static Steering Effort','Range','F22:G23',AutoFitWidth=false)
tblCentre = table(app.FTorque0AngleEditField.Value,app.RTorque0AngleEditField.Value,'VariableNames',{'R','L'});
writetable(tblCentre,fullfile(folder,filename),'Sheet','Static Steering Effort','Range','F19:G20',AutoFitWidth=false)
tblLH = table(app.RHFTorque100AngleEditField.Value,app.LHRTorque100AngleEditField.Value,'VariableNames',{'R','L'});
writetable(tblLH,fullfile(folder,filename),'Sheet','Static Steering Effort','Range','F25:G26',AutoFitWidth=false)
xlswritefig(app.UIAxes2,fullfile(folder,filename),'Static Steering Effort','C18')
Kavinprasad M
Kavinprasad M on 7 Oct 2022
i understand that and even with copying the template before & writing the data , it doesn't work that way. it only executes writing the data whereas copying the template is missing.
As for creating it in one matrix, i understand but in future it is to be edited & copied in different sheets so i meant to seperate them now to reduce hassle
Is there any other way to make this work?, please let me know

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Answers (2)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 7 Oct 2022
Edited: Image Analyst on 7 Oct 2022
You need to have copy file in advance then write to it.
% Ask use for a filename for our output data
[filename,folder] = uiputfile("SSE_Report.xlsx");
outputFile = fullfile(folder, filename)
% Define the tamplate Excel workbook.
templateFile = fullfile(programFolder, 'Template_Excel.xlsx')
% Copy over template file, if it exists, to output file.
if isfile(templateFile)
% Get rid of any existing file. Put it in the recycle bin.
if isfile(outputFile)
recycle on;
% Create an output file based on the template.
copyfile(templateFile, outputFile);
% Let user know we didn't find the template. You will still get an
% output file though, though not one based on the template.
warningMessage = sprintf('Warning: template file not found:\n%s', templateFile);
% Now create all your data and write it out in one or more writematrix or
% writetable commands.
writetable(yourDataTable, outputFile);
dpb on 9 Oct 2022
"you have write permission to the outputfile location"
I've run into all kinds of OS-set access problems on Win10 that I don't fully understand just what it does and why/how and particularly how to beat it into submission in writing to locations containing executables; it appears by default install on it makes those require Admin privileges. I wonder if the MATLAB distribution of the executables is doing something of that sort as well; I've not tried to deploy a compiled app on this machine; on the uni machine for which I wrote a couple apps I had to have IT log in to be able to even get the executable on the system; it was locked down so tightly couldn't even copy over the testing directory from local machine...

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Kavinprasad M
Kavinprasad M on 10 Oct 2022
Even without the xlswritefig, it seems to have some issues with excel as a standalone app in windows 11. i have template file as .xlsx, i'll change the way i aquire data from table & try it again
Thankyou guys >.<

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