how to derivate a polynomial with x , y and z terms

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Using the polynomial for r(t), create a new polynomial for the radial velocity v(t) using the
Matlab polyder() function, which takes a polynomial array as an argument, and returns a
new polynomial array representing the derivative of the initial array
If a have a function r(t)=sqrt( x(t))^2+ y(t))^2+ z(t))^2)
how polyder function would work in this case?

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Torsten on 5 Oct 2022
Edited: Torsten on 5 Oct 2022
how polyder function would work in this case?
Your function is not a polynomial ; thus it doesn't work.
"polyder" works on vectors of coefficients of the polynomial. Here is a different way:
syms t
p = [3*t^4+t^2,t^8-3*t^5-22*t];
dp = diff(p,t)
dp = 


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