Hello Matlab! I would love to find a solution to this error

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f = @(a,b) (cos(3.86*a)+cos(3.86*b));
g = @(a,b) (cos(1.93*a)*cos(1.93*b));
T = [2.86*sqrt(6)+2.54*sqrt(2)-sqrt(62.02+28.6*sqrt(3))+8*mpower((0.64*sqrt(6)+0.32*sqrt(2*sqrt(3))),2)*mpower(g,2) 0 2.86*sqrt(6)+2.54*sqrt(2)+sqrt(62.02+28.6*sqrt(3))+8*mpower((0.64*sqrt(6)+0.32*sqrt(2*sqrt(3))),2)*mpower(g,2)]
Undefined function 'mpower' for input arguments of type 'function_handle'.

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Torsten on 5 Oct 2022
Edited: Torsten on 5 Oct 2022
Something like this ?
f = @(a,b) (cos(3.86*a)+cos(3.86*b));
g = @(a,b) (cos(1.93*a)*cos(1.93*b));
T = @(a,b)[2.86*sqrt(6)+2.54*sqrt(2)-sqrt(62.02+28.6*sqrt(3))+8*mpower((0.64*sqrt(6)+0.32*sqrt(2*sqrt(3))),2)*mpower(g(a,b),2), 0 ,2.86*sqrt(6)+2.54*sqrt(2)+sqrt(62.02+28.6*sqrt(3))+8*mpower((0.64*sqrt(6)+0.32*sqrt(2*sqrt(3))),2)*mpower(g(a,b),2)];
ans = 1×3
12.0625 0 33.1866


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