Bug in audioread with native option R2022b?

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The audioread command with 'native' option should return the native type of the waveform.
It seems there is a bug in R2022b, where it converts to single
>> y=audioread('example.wav','native');
>> class(y)
ans =
>> max(y)
ans =
It works fine on R2022a (returns 'int16' and ADC integer count as max value).
Is it a bug or do I miss a change in the release note?
Bruno Luong
Bruno Luong on 14 Oct 2022
This is entirely different problem not related to the bug with 'native' option. It seems your fileaudio is non valid string more like a programing issue on your side.

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Bruno Luong
Bruno Luong on 22 Sep 2022
I has been confirmed by TMW support that is indeed a bug due to third party library they are using.

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