Filter signal with 2 different frequencies

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I have an equation which gives 2 gaussian-sinc pulses of different frequencies, in dataset wrt time (t = 0:0.001:100). When put into an fft the two frequencies are found, but I want to design a filter for the signal to remove one of the pulses. How can I do this to the signal below for different values for f1 and f2?
f1 = 2.5, f2 = 1.5, s1 = 1.2/f1, s2 = 1.2/f2
D = cos(2*pi*f1*(t-10))*exp(-(t-10).^2/(2*s1^2)) + cos(2*pi*f2*(t-20))*exp(-(t-20).^2/(2*s2^2))

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 14 Sep 2022
Use either the bandpass or bandstop functions, depending on the result you want.
For best results, use the 'ImpulseResponse','iir' name-value pair.

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