Use dir for files not in any folder

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mehra am 17 Aug. 2022
Kommentiert: mehra am 17 Aug. 2022
Hello every one,
I wanted to know if I can use dir commant for files that are not in any folder! ( In fact I want to know if I have to put the .mat files inside any folder and then use dir command)
Currently using dir command gives zero results for me.
data_list=dir('VectrinoData.228.22.Vectrino Profiler.00000/*.mat'); %This gives 0*1 struct
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mehra am 17 Aug. 2022
This actually worked. But did not know how to accept the answer
dinfo = dir('V*.mat')
And by reducing the numbers of 0 (zeros) in the nam eof the file it also worked. so I guess there was something related with the name of the file.

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