How to use matlab drive inside a matlab docker container?

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How to use matlab drive inside a matlab docker container?
I am runniing matlab container in browser using the command.
docker run -it --rm -p 8888:8888 --shm-size=512M mathworks/matlab:r2022a -browser
I want to get access to my matlab drive inside this.

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Gareth on 4 Aug 2022
Hi Muhammad,
While we don't currently have full support for MATLAB Drive in the MATLAB Docker container, here's a partial workaround which may help with your workflow.
This workaround relies on you having MATLAB Drive Connector running on the machine hosting the Docker container. Make a note of the filesystem path that you selected as your MATLAB Drive folder (you can check that path in the MATLAB Drive Connector preferences if required).
Now launch the MATLAB Docker image using the following command, replacing "<path to MATLAB Drive folder on host>" with the actual filesystem path noted above.
docker run -it --rm -p 8888:8888 --shm-size=512M -v <path to MATLAB Drive folder on host>:/"MATLAB Drive" -e MW_MATLAB_DRIVE_FOLDER_LOCATION="/MATLAB Drive" mathworks/matlab:r2022a -browser
I have highlighted the changes to the command that you originally ran in bold.
Not all MATLAB Drive functionality will be available, but you will at least have read access to your MATLAB Drive files and can use the matlabdrive MATLAB function in the container.
Best wishes,
Tian Wang
Tian Wang on 10 Aug 2022
Hi Muhammad,
Thanks for bringing this issue into our attention. At the moment you should be able to install and use MATLAB Drive inside the matlab-docker container under the -vnc mode.
Once you open the MATLAB Desktop inside the container, please follow the workflow described in the following link to have MATLAB Drive installed:
You should then be able to read and write files within your MATLAB Drive.
Best wishes,

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