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What is the best image format for the image process

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Sara am 31 Jul. 2022
Beantwortet: Image Analyst am 31 Jul. 2022
I work in STEM images and I use Fiji to open the images.
I want to do some image proresss to these result but I do not know what is the best image format that I should save these results at.
tif (no compression), test image, or png format.
The image proesee that I attedt to use in strain mapping (if someone has any code or software to do that will be great to share it with us :) )
Alos I atted to do mask on the FFT.
Thank you,

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 31 Jul. 2022
Uncompressed images or lossless compression image formats are the best. PNG, which uses lossless compression, is pretty much the defacto standard these days (except by digital camera manufacturers who stubbornly stick to JPG) and PNG what I use whenever possible. BMP and TIFF are usually uncompressed, which is fine, but they take up more disk (about triple) than PNG. I'd heard at one time that the CPU is so fast now (compared to disk I/O) that it's faster to read in the fewer bytes of a PG image and uncompress it than it is to read in the greater number of bytes from a BMP or TIFF image (though this may no longer be true with today's SSD drives).
Never use JPG format if you can at all avoid it.
If you have a choice as to what format you get your images in, I would choose PNG. That's my recommendation.

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