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How to combine two cell arrays as variables with changing sizes in a for loop for a fullfile command?

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Hi everyone,
i have two cell arrays:
H5 = 1x6 cell
A7 = 60x1 cell
Array Size changes over time but A7 is always 10x as big as H5.
The idea is that H5 contains file paths ends in a specific folder and A7 contains filenames in this specific folders.
In every folder from H5 are 10 files from A7.
The problem is an error message at the start of the second loop iteration:
"Unable to find or open 'C:\mypath\folder2(H5 position 2)\file1(A7 Position 1)'" so the loop doesnt work as i want.
Does anyone know how to get an F1 that take for every H5 Loop 10 A7 Loops?
Thank you!!
for uu = 1:size(H5,2)
for ii = 1:size(A7,1)
F1 = fullfile(H5{uu},A7{ii});
fprintf(1, 'Now reading %s\n', F1);

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Stephen23 am 13 Jul. 2022
for ii = 1:numel(A7)
jj = ceil(ii/10);
F1 = fullfile(H5{jj},A7{ii})

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