How to eliminate the cross lines in routing problems?

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In a vehicle routing problem (VRP), I have several points (the coordinates are known and provided as longtitude and latitude) and I DON'T want to see crosslines in my routing result.
For example, the figure below is a part of my routing results, you can see that in route 8-19-25-26-30-27-24-23-29-8, there exist a cross between 25-19 and 24-23, but I don't know how to deal with issue, my ideal routing reslut may like 8-19-24-27-30-26-25-23-29-8, (by simply exchange the 27-25-19, 26-24-23 to 27-24-19, 26-25-23)
Wang Zhen
Wang Zhen on 20 Jun 2022
Well, I also read the InterX, but my purpose is to avoid intersections not to find them (maybe we first find them and then we try to avoid), the sequence of the routing matters.

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