Why I can only add 10 channels to a MQTT device now, before the update I could connect more than 40 channels from a single gateway

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Before the recent update in the Thingspeak I have collected data from around 15 sensors using 45 channels just by using a single LoRa gateway. (Link to the gateway :- https://www.dragino.com/products/lora/item/143-lg01n.html)
But according to the new features mqtt3 I have to create a MQTT device on the Thingspeak platform and only 10 Channels can be added to it.
Used ID is the MQTT Credentials Client ID (& User ID are same), and password is from the mqtt credential from the mqtt device in the Thingspeak.
My gateway does not support more than one sender passwaord, ID addition. Attached an image.
My question is how can I publish data to the Thigspeak without creating a MQTT device in the oldway just by using the PORT, server address, API key, and channel ID ?
I have 15 sensor nodes and each sensor node sending 22 different sensor values. So I have to update total 45 channels in the thingspeak.

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