How do I display Simulink multi-body simulation visualizer on the MATLAB app designer?

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I am trying to develop a virtual lab using the app designer on MATLAB. As I run the model a mechanics explorer window opens up and displays the behaviour of the model. I am trying to figure out a way to display this animation in the app itself so that the user can see it without having to leave the virtual lab.
Is there any possible way to display the mechanics explorer window on the app? Or is it possible to somehow record the animation and display it to the user of the virtual lab after simuating the model?

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 19 Nov 2022
Edited: Steve Miller on 19 Nov 2022
You cannot integrate the Mechanics Explorer into an App designed by App designer yet.
However, you can programmatically generate a video from your model (.mp4, .avi, ...) and have it available after the simulation is complete using the command smwritevideo. That might be a way to include an animation of the results into your MATLAB session - great idea.


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