Reinforcement learning and Paralle computation

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I am condcting reinforcement learning with Sac agent.
I tried to use GPU and Parallel computation, but in case of using paralle computaion, the training result changed.
At all, learning is much worse than without parallel processing. 
Do you know what caused it?
%% AGENT setting
agentOptions = rlSACAgentOptions;
agentOptions.SampleTime = Ts;
agentOptions.DiscountFactor = 0.90;
agentOptions.TargetSmoothFactor = 1e-3;
agentOptions.ExperienceBufferLength = 500;
agentOptions.MiniBatchSize = 256;
agentOptions.EntropyWeightOptions.TargetEntropy = -2;
agentOptions.NumStepsToLookAhead = 1;
agentOptions.ResetExperienceBufferBeforeTraining = false;
agent = rlSACAgent(actor,[critic1 critic2],agentOptions);
%% Learning setting
maxepisodes = 10000;
maxsteps = 1e6;
trainingOptions = rlTrainingOptions(...
trainingOptions.UseParallel = true;
trainingOptions.ParallelizationOptions.Mode = 'async';
trainingOptions.ParallelizationOptions.StepsUntilDataIsSent = 32;
trainingOptions.ParallelizationOptions.DataToSendFromWorkers = 'Experiences';
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Takeshi Takahashi
Takeshi Takahashi on 18 Apr 2022
agentOptions.ExperienceBufferLength seems too short, which may indirectly affect the parallel training. Can you increase ExperienceBufferLength to 1e6 or more?

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