How can DropDown Items dynamically obtain the name of different sheets in Excel instead of manually entering items?

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Jie Wu
Jie Wu on 27 Mar 2022
Commented: Jie Wu on 28 Mar 2022
If the items of dropdown are the names of multiple sheets of Excel, how to write the callback function is that the items are not written in by themselves, but obtained by importing Excel to read different sheets,Who can help me solve this problem, write a callback function or send a template?

Accepted Answer

Simon Chan
Simon Chan on 27 Mar 2022
When you import the file, get the sheet names and put them as the 'Items' of the uidropdown.
sheetName = sheetnames(fullfile(pathname,filename));
% dd = uidropdown(uif,'Items',{''},'Value',{''}); % Assume original is empty

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