Trying to produce a proper pdf, cdf and histogram from data

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Nathaniel Porter
Nathaniel Porter on 24 Feb 2022
Commented: Nathaniel Porter on 24 Feb 2022
load InsulinReadings.mat
xX2 = InsulinReadings;
A2 = mean(xX2,'all',"omitnan")
A2 = 296.9102
B2 = median(xX2,'all',"omitnan")
B2 = 86.4899
C2 = max(xX2,[],'all',"omitnan")
C2 = 1.0226e+04
D2 = min(xX2,[],'all', "omitnan")
D2 = 3.6900e-07
[D PD] = allfitdist(xX2,'PDF');
Unrecognized function or variable 'allfitdist'.
%Now get the CDF
[D PD] = allfitdist(xX2,'CDF');
Using the data presented I am trying to produce better diagrams as seen in my code

Answers (1)

Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson on 24 Feb 2022
You could use the Curve Fitting Tool if you have that toolbox, to find the best set of parameters for some standard type of distribution. If you are asking about the allfitdist function, there is another post on the Community site about allfitdist being replaced by fitmethis.

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