How to scatteredInterpolant bwtween data sets?

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Sara am 27 Jan. 2022
I have two data sets, x1,y1,z1 (represnting a coordnates as xyz coordnates), and other data set v1, v2,v3 (reprenting a vector field).
I want to interplote the vector fileds into the x1 y1 z1 for each direction.
One of the suggestions is using scatteredInterpolant function.
V = ([v1 v2 v3]);
Fx = scatteredInterpolant(x1,V,'natural','nearest');
Fy = scatteredInterpolant(y1,V,'natural','nearest');
Fz = scatteredInterpolant(z1,V,'natural','nearest');
The problem is the hthe size of v1 v2 v3 are NOT the same size of x1 y1 z1;
Is there any way to overcome this issue?

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