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Extracting 1 cell from a multiple matricies

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Robert am 11 Nov. 2014
Geschlossen: MATLAB Answer Bot am 20 Aug. 2021
I have 40 matricies, each 35x43. I want to make a series of columns each 8x5 where each value is the first cell from each of my 40 matrices (8 years of data 5 different types of data).
How can I do this? I'm pretty new to matlab so detail would be appreciated :)

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 11 Nov. 2014
Assuming when you say "cell" you really mean "element" of a regular 2D matrix and not a cell of a cell array, then you can use linear indexing to get the first (upper left) element of each of your 40 matrices:
Output(1,1) = matrix1(1)
Output(2,1) = matrix2(1)
Output(3,1) = matrix3(1)
Output(4,1) = matrix4(1)
Output(5,1) = matrix5(1)
Output(6,1) = matrix6(1)
Output(7,1) = matrix7(1)
Output(8,1) = matrix8(1)
Output(1,2) = matrix9(1)
Output(2,2) = matrix10(1)
Output(3,2) = matrix11(1)
Output(4,2) = matrix12(1)
Output(5,2) = matrix13(1)
Output(6,2) = matrix14(1)
Output(7,2) = matrix15(1)
You could also use (1,1) instead of (1) if that's what you prefer - they're equivalent.
If that's not what you meant, then please read the FAQ to get your terminology accurate:

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