RGB values for 2014b default colors

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Hi guys, I love the new default colors in 2014b. I would, however, be able to use then to color lines out of order sometimes. Any idea what their RGB values are?
thanks -Alex

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Mike Garrity
Mike Garrity on 28 Oct 2014
The simplest way is the ColorOrder property on the axes.
To get the values without an axes, you can do this:
Michael Sonnenberg
Michael Sonnenberg on 24 Apr 2020
Agreed, thanks for the question and answer.

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 28 Oct 2014
The new default colormap is called ‘parula’. To get 8 RGB values of it, use the colormap function:
cmp = colormap(parula(8));
to return them in the ‘cmp’ variable. To get more values, change the ‘8’ to the number you want.
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Alexandre Laurin
Alexandre Laurin on 28 Oct 2014
Thanks for the answer, Star Strider. I should have been clearer. I was looking for the RGB of the default colors when plotting lines or 2-D graphs.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 28 Oct 2014
To change the default color order, see my demo, attached below the image.
A variety of color orders are presented for you to pick from or you can adapt it to customize it completely to the exact colors you want.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 23 Jan 2020
Ageb, I'd probably create an image and use image() or imshow() to display it. I'd make each column from the bottom of the image up to the black curve be a color map value. Use jet() or hsv() to create the colormap. Start a new thread if you still need help. And say how many columns you'd like the image to have (can be as many as how many columns your screen has).

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 28 Oct 2014
See my attached demo, below the image.
You can select several standard demo images and several standard colormaps. The images are displayed with the colormap and the RGB curves for the color map are plotted.
Hrefna on 12 Nov 2014
...if only you could help me tame the oversized space-hogging legend box in a simple way, and I'd be set until the next update of Matlab... :) :) (See this question .)

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EvilDrW on 24 Oct 2017
you want the command "lines"...
lineColors = lines(8)
the methods above that use
get(gca, 'ColorOrder')
seem to only give you the first 7 line colors, where the lines command allows you to specify the number of colors you want and also doesn't rely on having an active axis to get your rgb color values.
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Stephen23 on 21 Jun 2019
Edited: Stephen23 on 21 Jun 2019
"to only give you the first 7 line colors"
There are only seven colors in the default line ColorOrder, so you can't get more.
"...where the lines command allows you to specify the number of colors you want"
Not really. You can certainly return a colormap of the size that you request, but the colors will repeat if you request more colors than the line ColorOrder has, so you will not get more than seven unique colors (assuming the default line ColorOrder of seven colors).
You can check this quite easily by looking at the lines code, or with a simple example:
>> lines(8) % only 7 colors in the ColorOrder
ans =
0 0.447 0.741 % duplicate!
0.85 0.325 0.098
0.929 0.694 0.125
0.494 0.184 0.556
0.466 0.674 0.188
0.301 0.745 0.933
0.635 0.078 0.184
0 0.447 0.741 % duplicate!

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