Zero elements in a matrix more higher than ones (MATLAB)

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high speed
high speed am 5 Nov. 2021
Kommentiert: high speed am 5 Nov. 2021
Dear members,
I want to generate a random binary matrix like this:
But I want to add a condition such that the number of ones '1' must not exceed 3 in each column.
It means for each column we can find (one, two or three ones).
How can I do that please !

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Mike Croucher
Mike Croucher am 5 Nov. 2021
This is almost certainly not the most efficient way of doing it but it seems to work. Will need the statistics and ML toolbox for the randsample function.
numRows = 216;
numCols = 432;
H = zeros(numRows,numCols);
% How many ones are we going to have per column? Between one and three
numOnesPerCol = randi([1,3],[1,numCols]);
% Randomly choose where on each colum these ones are going to be
for col=1:numCols
numOnes = numOnesPerCol(col); % Number of ones in this column
indices = randsample(numRows,numOnes) % Which rows are the ones going to be put
H(indices,col) = 1; % Put the ones in this column

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